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DP and Danettes return Monday!

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees joined the show to talk about their season and the Super Bowl matchup.

Brees said that he’s looked at the film of the divisional round loss to the Niners, and now he doesn’t want to see it again.

“It’s the finality of it all that’s so hard to deal with,” Brees said. “We had won nine weeks in a row. We all expected to be here in Indianapolis.

Brees talked about the Niners defense. He said they rallied to the ball and created turnovers, which cost them the game.

Brees commented on Eli Manning. He thinks that the Giants have no fear right now and think they can beat anybody.

Dan asked Brees if one ring is enough to merit consideration for greatest of all time. Brees said it’s not for him to judge, but there are exceptions to the rule you judge QBs for rings. But usually that’s the way you judge a quarterback.