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DP and Danettes on vacation week of August 19-23

Sports Illustrated’s Chris Mannix joined the show to talk about Jeremy Lin and more NBA topics. Mannix is in Germany covering boxing and said that the Lin story is big there.

Mannix thinks from an X’s and O’s standpoint, the missing link has always been a point guard for the Knicks: “If Jeremy can keep this pace of play up – which I think they can – this team can be a real factor in the playoffs.”

Mannix said he doesn’t understand why the Knicks signed shooting guard J.R. Smith. Mannix said that he’s not sure he’s the right mix for that locker room, and New York already has players at that spot. Mannix thinks the Knicks would be better off with a defensive/glue guy at shooting guard.

“I think it’s unnecessary risk for a Knicks team that is already concerned about Carmelo’s return,” Mannix said.

Mannix also said the Lakers may have to deal Pau Gasol now because the big man has probably been reading all the stories about trade rumors.