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Monday: Reggie Miller on NCAA Tournament

Phoenix Suns forward Grant Hill joined the show to talk about his season and more.

— Hill said ironically he probably would have retired by now if he wasn’t hurt so often earlier in his career. He basically saved wear and tear between 27 and 32.

— Hill said he’s more of a defensive stopper now and talked about drawing Kobe Bryant as an assignment. Hill said that Kobe really gets up for the Suns because of their past rivalry. He said he told Kobe that’s unfair, because Hill wasn’t there when the rivalry was at its height.

— Dan asked Hill who he’d start a team with: Kobe or Michael Jordan? Hill had to think for a few moments, but he said that he’d go Michael.

— Hill talked about his documentary on the early 1990s Duke Blue Devils. He said they fought a lot more than people thought. He said Christian Laettner started a lot of that. “He provoked a lot,” Hill said of Laettner.

— Hill said that he’d be “shocked” if the Suns traded Steve Nash. He thinks Nash will likely be back in Phoenix next season.



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