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Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash joined the show to talk about his season and what’s next in his career.

Nash said that he doesn’t think he was close to being traded at the deadline, but he says this offseason’s free agency could be more eventful. “I could be back for sure,” Nash said, “but that will be more interesting than the trade deadline.”

Nash said it’s important for the Suns to get more competitive, because he does want to win at a high level. Nash said he hasn’t talked to his friend Dirk Nowitzki about going to Dallas. And he said he would listen if the Miami Heat called.

Nash dispelled one thing everyone assumed about him. He said earlier in his career he was a lockdown defender at times. He said when he was in Dallas early in his career, that was the only way he could get into the game.

Dan asked Nash who would win, Kentucky or the Bobcats. Nash said Kentucky may have more talent, but the Bobcats would win. “Those guys are kids,” Nash said. “There are some men on the Bobcats.”

But Nash is very impressed with Kentucky and the fact that their stars have NBA talent, but still sacrifice their game and play defense.



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