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DP and Danettes on vacation week of August 19-23

TBS analyst David Wells joined the show to talk about the big stories in baseball and the recent $4.4 million auction price for a Babe Ruth jersey.

Wells said he bought a Ruth hat that he recently sold because he wanted to wear it.  Wells said that he wore it one game. He said Yankees manager Joe Torre fined him for wearing it because it wasn’t regulation.

Wells said that he plans to sell all of his memorabilia because he doesn’t want to have to put it in storage.

Wells talked about the anniversary of his 1998 perfect game. He said he’s not embarrassed he was hung-over. He said he was a guest of Lorne Michaels at Saturday Night Live and decided to go to the after-party.

Wells also commented on the steroid era. He said he liked Roger Clemens as a teammate and feels bad for him being in the position he’s in now. Wells said he wasn’t offered steroids. And he’s proud he put up good numbers against the hitters who supposedly took PEDs.