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Tuesday: Ross Tucker guest-hosts
Tuesday: Adam Schefter

TNT analyst Charles Barkley joined the show to talk about the playoffs and more.

Dan asked Barkley if Shaquille O’Neal has told him he’s is interested in the Orlando GM job. “Yes,” Barkley said. “I do know he’s interested in the job and he’s going to interview for it.”

Barkley said O’Neal and Dwight Howard have had issues in the past, but that doesn’t mean Shaq can’t go to Orlando.

Barkley thinks Howard needs to make a decision and stay or go in Orlando. He’s sick of talking about it.

“They’re trying to do anything they can to keep Dwight there and get a buzz,” Barkley said. “They have to do something whether Dwight stays there or not. Bringing in Shaquille is an attention getter.”

Dan asked Charles if he’d rather have Kevin Durant or LeBron James’ future moving ahead. “LeBron James,  “He’s going to be the best player for the next five to 10 years.”

Barkley weighed in on several other topics, including the Lakers’ trade options, the “Dirty Little Creek Walk” in San Antonio and more. On a side note, Barkley said that a grown man can’t use a “neck pillow.”

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Andrew Perloff@phanita no... seems like he might be kidding7 mins ago
Andrew Perloff"It will all be peaceful." - Von Miller on upcoming contract negotiations. He said Mr. Elway is one of the best.7 mins ago
Andrew PerloffRT @AndrewSiciliano: Von Miller just told @dpshow his phone is still on airplane mode. He hasn't read his texts or listed to messages since…8 mins ago
Paul Pabst"I don't think he wanted to hurt DeMarcus' (Ware) arm." Von Miller on Cam not immediately going for fumble.9 mins ago
Andrew Perloff"He didn't want to hurt DeMarcus [Ware]." - Von Miller on why Cam Newton didn't jump on the loose fumble in SB.11 mins ago

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Carl ThomasIf Todd worked from home he'd weigh 400 lbs. @dpshow4 mins ago
SolomanListening to @Millerlite40 on @dpshow - interesting to hear him call #Broncos GM "Mr. Elway." #Respect4 mins ago
Austin GriffinWonder if @brooklynfritzy just heard @Millerlite40 give him a shoutout on the @dpshow.8 mins ago
Andrew SicilianoVon Miller just told @dpshow his phone is still on airplane mode. He hasn't read his texts or listed to messages since the game ended.9 mins ago
Jon T.@RossTuckerNFL @dpshow Broncos fan here!! I think Cam's instinct was to get out of the way cuz @DeMarcusWare was diving at his feet!9 mins ago