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Tuesday: Megan Rapinoe, Julian Edelman, Adam Sandler

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees joined the show to talk about his contract and bounties.

Brees says the NFL has it wrong on bounties: “I really haven’t seen any hard evidence that these guys are being paid for a pay-to-injure scheme,” Brees said. “Pay-for-performance ahs been lumped in with pay-for-injure.”

Brees said that coaches aren’t fighting back because they believe further sanctions are possible.

“I’ve been informed a lot of those coaches feel there are further sanctions being held over their head if they don’t cooperate with the investigation,” Brees said. “If they were to speak out on behalf of the players, maybe that’s the fear they have.”

Brees summed up his take on the NFL’s punishment: “The facts that have presented so far do not match the punishment that’s been levied.”

Brees said if it’s not “pay-to-injure” then the NFL should rescind the penalties, because some good guys are getting their names are dragged through the mud.

Dan asked Brees if he plans to play if the Saints pay him the one-year figure dictated by the franchise tag.  “I hope not,” Brees said. “I’ve played under the frnahcise tage beore in 2005 ith the San Diego Chargers and that did not end well.” Brees explained that hurt his shoulder and ended the season without a contract.

Brees said that this is his first opportunity really to negotiate a long-term contract. He’s not trying to think of his number compared to other quarterbacks. He said that he has to go out and earn whatever they pay him every day.



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