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Wednesday: Don Mattingly, Adam Vinatieri

Chelsea star Frank Lampard joined the show to talk about touring the United States.

Lampard said that English players are looking more at MLS, and are impressed with the growing crowds. He said he saw David Beckham recently. “He loves the league,” Lampard said. “You could see how entwined he is with that club.”Β Lampard said that Beckham told him he wasn’t sure he was going back to England ever.

Lampard said he was surprised Beckham isn’t on the Olympics. He said that you can see he still has ability, and he could help sell tickets.

Lampard weighed in on Wayne Rooney’s style. He said Rooney came from a tough neighborhood and that sort of defines his demeanor.Β “He curses on the pitch because he cares and he wants to win football games,” Lampard said. But Lampard said Rooney is a very fun guy and likes being around him.

Dan asked Lampard if the NFL can make it in London. Lampard really didn’t think so.

Lampard and Chelsea are taking on Seattle and said that he went and worked out with the Seahawks and caught some passes. He said that the most embarrassing part is trying to lift with NFL players.



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