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Friday: Recapping NFL Draft first round with Charles Davis, Damian Lillard

Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu joined the show to talk about his history of concussions and being in the new Dark Knight movie.

Dan asked Polamalu how many concussions he’s had. 

“I’ve had, I believe, eight or nine recorded concussions,” Polamalu said. “We’ll have another conversation after I’m done playing football.”

Polamalu said if you feel a little buzzed after a hit, they consider that a concussion and based on that measure, every football player probably had 50 to 100.

Dan asked Polamalu if he’s ever lied to get into a game. “Yes I have,” Polamalu said. “There’s so much built up about team camaraderie and sacrifice and football is such a tough mans game. I think that’s why it’s so popular. That’s why so many blue collar communities and people can really feel attracted to this because it is a blue collar struggle that football players go through.”

Dan asked if he plans to lie about injuries in the future. “I wouldn’t say that I’ve had any major lies,” Polamalu said, “where someone said hey, is your knee messed up when it may be kind of messed up and you just push yourself to be out there with your brothers.”



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