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Arizona Cardinals second-year player Patrick Peterson joined guest host Mike Florio to talk about the upcoming season.

Florio asked him if he likes being called punt returner/corner or corner/punt returner.

“I definitely like cornerback/punt returner,” Peterson said.

Peterson said he learns a lot covering Larry Fitzgerald in practice and he hasn’t seen anyone better out there. But he said he does face Calvin Johnson this year.

Florio asked who the best receiver he saw last year other than Fitzgerald. “[Michael] Crabtree definitely gave me the toughest matchup last year,” Peterson said.

Florio asked about how he feels about fair catching a punt. “I hate that to my gut,” Peterson said. “It kills me a times.”

Peterson said none of the coaches have talked to him about reducing his punt-returning duties. “I know that time is coming soon,” Peterson said.



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