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Friday: Recapping MLB playoffs, Chiefs-Broncos

Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush joined the show to talk about training camp and more.

Dan asked how practice was after the country saw Chad Johnson get cut last night on Hard Knocks.

“It may cause a small distraction,” Bush said. “But guys were pretty focused. We still have to go to work.”

Dan asked Bush where could you get away from Hard Knocks’ camera. Bush said “home.”

Dan asked Bush if Hard Knocks was good for the team. Bush said good or bad, he’s trying to make the most of it. He said when he was in New Orleans coach Sean Payton said he said no to Hard Knocks.

Bush said that he doesn’t like cameras in his personal life. “I like to keep my private things private,” Bush said.

Dan asked Bush what his status is with USC. Bush said he follows them, but he has no urge to go there right now.

Dan asked if Bush has the Heisman Trophy in his possession (Dan had heard that from sources at the Heisman Trust). Bush said that’s not true, he sent the trophy to the Heisman people.



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