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Alabama coach Nick Saban joined the show to talk about his offseason and much more.

Saban faces Michigan for their first game and said he’s not really able to simulate Wolverines quarterback Denard Robinson in practice. “He’s one of the best quarterbacks in the country, especially athletically,” Saban said. Dan asked Saban who he reminded him of and Saban said Michael Vick, who he faced in the NFL.

Saban commented on Tyrann Mathieu being kicked off the LSU squad. He said it should be used as a teaching opportunity for his players because they have to realize that you have to be responsible.

Dan asked about his relationship with Bill Belichick. Saban said he hasn’t talked to his friend since early summer. Dan asked who is more competitive. “That would be a toss-up,” Saban said. Saban said that philosophically they’re similar. Saban said Belichick has had a big influence on him and discussed the common threads in their coaching trees.

Saban and Dan also talked about the shortcomings of preseason polls. Saban said you have to play the games and doesn’t buy into them.

Saban said he spent a lot of time on his pontoon boat playing air guitar. Dan asked the first concert he ever saw. Saban wasn’t sure if they were first, but he recalled seeing the Rolling Stones while in college.



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