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USADA CEO Travis Tygart joined the show to explain his organization’s actions regarding Lance Armstrong.

Dan asked if Tygart thought Armstrong was afraid to go through the process. Tygart said it was hard to say, but he did say, “At the end of the day, yeah, the better move is to walk away on these terms.” Tygart said Armstrong got to leave the process with some sound bites about “witch hunts” and other things that questioned the system.

Tygart said that Armstrong likely got caught up in what was going on in cycling. “It was a bad culture in the sport,” Tygart said. “I think he did what a lot of athletes in the sport did.”

Tygart said he’s not sure if it’s accurate Armstrong passed over 500 drug tests. He cited certain tests that didn’t add up through the years. Tygart said there’s no tests for blood transfusions, just good indications of it.

Dan asked how it would go if he ran into Armstrong. “It’s never been personal,” Tygart said. “I was one of his biggest fans.” Tygart said that he told Armstrong to not disappoint us.

Tygart said he’s gotten a lot of people who have contacted USADA to thank them for protecting sports.

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