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Friday: Joe Thomas, Brooks Koepka, Matt Carpenter

NBC NFL analyst Rodney Harrison joined the show to talk about the Cowboys’ win over the Giants and more.

“I felt like it was a must win for the Dalas Cowboys… psychologically,” Harrison said. He pointed out the Giants had dominated the Cowboys and they needed this win for credibility.

Harrison said the biggest difference in the game was Dallas’ two new cornerbacks, which helped take pressure off the offense.

Harrison commented on Victor Cruz having three dropped balls. “It was very disappointing to me,” Harrison said. “You can’t have drops from your No. 1 guy.”

Harrison also weighed in on Jim McMahon and head injuries. Rodney said he’s starting to feel effects from head injuries during his career.

“I think I had at least 20 or 30 concussions,” Harrison said. I”m scared to death of what may happen to me.”He said he’s already forgetting some things and gets headaches.

Harrison looked back at his playing days and getting fined. He thought he got fined because of his reputation, giving the example of hitting Jerry Rice once.



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