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Friday: Joe Thomas, Brooks Koepka, Matt Carpenter

FOX NFL analyst John Lynch joined the show to talk about the replacement officials and more.

Lynch said the NFL told the networks that a deal was close before Week 1, so they should be careful about going too far with criticism. But then when it didn’t happen, Lynch said the gloves were off by Week 2.

Lynch said things look out of control on the field. Lynch said we’re all up and arms about the end of the Seahawks-Packers game, but there have been bigger problems.

“There has been a number of games where I felt like it has affected the outcome of the game,” Lynch said.

Lynch shared his emotional reaction to what’s happening.

“The other night I went to bed angry,” Lynch said. “It just speaks to the arrogance of the owners.”

Lynch said the NFL’s timing is bad, because of the emphasis on player safety in football. “I think it’s extremely arrogant to go into a season when you’re at a crossroads with everything not being right.”

Lynch said that he doesn’t believe what Goodell says about Bounty-Gate any more because of this.



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