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Thursday: Brian Regan, Chris Simms

TNT NBA analyst Steve Kerr joined the show to talk about the start of the season.

Kerr comments on Lakers point guard Steve Nash’s knee injury. “I don’t think this is a huge deal for the Lakers,” Kerr said. “In the end they’re going to be in the playoffs and they need Nash healthy when it counts.”

Kerr, however, did say the Lakers have some issues. “The issue with the Lakers, despite all the talent, there are flaws,” Kerr said. “There’s not enough shooting. The bench has trouble scoring.”

Dan asked Kerr if when he was the Suns GM did he get any offers that were close to prying Nash away from Phoenix. Kerr said there were none. He said the teams that were good enough to need Nash didn’t have the picks to offer.

Dan asked Kerr if it’s fair to compare Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Kerr said it’s fine to compare them, and noted they have so much in common. “I love Kobe,” Kerr said. “I love his arrogance. I love his approach. It reminds me of Michael.”

Kerr has no problem with LeBron James being the SI Sportsman of the Year. He said that LeBron has accomplished a lot considering how much scrutiny he is under.

Kerr said that LeBron is in the Jordan category too, but noted LeBron doesn’t have the attention to detail Michael had. He said that unlike Kobe, LeBron isn’t as competitive as Michael.



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