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Ohio State coach Urban Meyer joined the show to talk about the state of offenses at every level in football and more.

Dan asked Meyer to explain how his spread offense developed. Meyer talked about where he got some of his concepts. He went to study a coach named Scott Linehan and then installed a new offense in Bowling Green.

Meyer said he recently took some time to look at tape of Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick and Cam Newton. They all ran true spread-option offenses, just like his. He said that the San Francisco team, in particular, runs it and even runs something he hasn’t run that he hopes to use.

Meyer said that the concern is the durability of running quarterbacks. He said that’s been the question forever … even going back to Joe Namath.

Meyer said that NFL teams aren’t after him. “I love college football and that’s where I want to be,” Meyer said. He said he likes the age group for college kids.

Meyer also weighed in on Tim Tebow. “He’s not a traditional quarterback,” Meyer said. “The good thing is there are some professional teams that like to move the ball in a variety of different ways.”

Meyer said last week Tebow hadn’t heard anything. “He has no idea what’s going to happen,” Meyer said.

Dan asked Meyer how his team would have fared against Alabama or Notre Dame. He said in the beginning of the year, no chance. In the middle, they’d be closer. In the end, they’d be right in the mix.



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