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Monday: Dan and Danettes hit Los Angeles

Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant joined the show to talk about his season and more.

Dan asked Durant about the Manti Te’o story. “That’s crazy,” Durant said. “Hopefully everything works out for the best for him.”

Dan asked if he had ever been duped online. “That hasn’t happened to me,” Durant said. “It [reminds] you to be more cautious.”

Durant also weighed in on LeBron James hitting 20K points. He said that he sent LeBron a text congratulating him. Durant said that the one thing LeBron does that really impresses him is his passing ability.

Durant talked about his teams growing up. He was actually a Toronto Raptors fan because of Vince Carter. And he’s a Redskins fan “for life.” He said he was worried about Robert Griffin III going down, but he’s very optimistic about the future. Durant said he quit football when he was 9 because he was too skinny.

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John Alexander RayRT @Ski_KC: Today's ump ready for this game to be over. #Royals @PaulPabst @HiMyNameIsSeton #DPSHOW #bangbrisket49 mins ago
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