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Friday: MLB Trade Deadline, DeflateGate, NFL Trade Deadline

NASCAR star Denny Hamlin joined the show to talk about the Daytona 500 and more.

Dan asked Hamlin if Danica Patrick gets too much attention. “For the accomplishments she’s had, yes,” Hamlin said. “But what’s she’s done for the sport … people are willing to forgive that.”

Hamlin said he has a very good relationship with Danica and she is always eager to pick up knowledge from other drivers.

Hamlin also weighed in on the race this weekend. He said that skill will determine the winner, but you need luck to avoid the inevitable big pile-up.

Hamlin talked about safety in his sport. He actually said NASCAR is a bit safer than the NFL. He said driving is physically grueling, but they don’t have the physical contract that football players do. Hamlin said he’s had one concussion he’s sure about and possibly two. He said NASCAR is working on ensuring safety in regards to head injuries, but it’s tough. “We can’t afford to be taken out of the car,” Hamlin said. “Our sponsors rely on us. There is no backup.”

Hamlin talked about his relationship with Michael Jordan. He said they play golf every now and again.

And Hamlin said he’s going to try to throw in a “passion bucket” if he wins the Daytona 500.

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