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Monday: Dan Le Batard, Peter King, Mina Kimes, Michael Irvin all from Miami

Profootballtalk and NBC Sports’ Mike Florio joined the show to talk about the big stories in the NFL.

Florio has an issue with the recent story about a woman kicker, Lauren Silberman, try out an open combine. Florio said it was clearly a publicity stunt and he learned anyone can show up at these things. He thinks that doesn’t jive with what the NFL wants to do.

Florio weighed in on Wes Welker. He thinks the Patriots may have designs on signing Danny Amendola and could let Welker go.

Florio thinks that the Bills will let starter Ryan Fitzpatrick go. Then they draft someone or maybe sign a veteran like Matt Moore.

Florio looked back at his statements on teams wanting to know if Manti Te’o is gay. He said the NFL won’t act to forbid teams from asking those kinds of things because there’s no incentive to do so. Florio said it’s unlikely players will sue over this.

Florio talked about Joe Flacco’s contract. He said that he’ll soon be passed over by the next big quarterback and the cycle will continue.



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