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Kentucky coach John Calipari joined the show to talk about their season and where the Wildcats stand as the Tournament approaches. Here are some of his takes:

— Calipari went back to when he told Dan before the season that people were overrating him. Calipari described his mindset at the beginning of the season: “Unless the rest of the country absolutely stink, we’re not that kind of team.”

— Calipari said that he’s not sure what Nerlens Noel will do, but pointed out that he has plenty of options. Calipari said he doesn’t know yet because he’s waiting until the surgery is over. Calipari said he’s not sure his other freshmen are ready for the NBA.

— Calipari stood up for Brandon Knight for getting dunked on by DeAndre Jordan. He said at least Knight tried to make a play because he’s a competitor.

— Calipari said one reason he’s optimistic about the Tournament is that there are a lot of other bubble teams that aren’t great. “It’s kind of like the bears chasing us,” Calipari said. “We just gotta be faster than the other 10.”

— Dan and Calipari discussed a media bias against Kentucky and the reality a lot of people are probably rooting for the Wildcats not to reach the Tournament. “If it was the media in there,” Calipari said, “we probably wouldn’t get in. Even if we won the tournament, they probably wouldn’t want us in.”





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