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WEDNESDAY: Recapping NBA Playoffs

Grizzlies star Zach Randolph joined the show to talk about the series against the Thunder and more.

Dan asked why people don’t pay attention to the Grizzlies until the playoffs. Randolph said they’re underdogs, but that’s OK. “I’ve been the underdog my whole life,” Randolph said. “I like being the underdog.”

Randolph also talked about how the Russell Westbrook injury affected the series and he weighed in on the mentality of guarding a star like Durant. And he talked about his relationship with Blake Griffin.

Randolph also shared some good Memphis restaurant spots and his daughter popped on for a cameo.

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Paul Pabst@AnthonyDoheny Not Thunder. Read again.7 hours ago
Paul Pabst@SpncrH That's the joke champ7 hours ago
Paul Pabst@KingOlemissking Nope. Two different teams...names...cities.7 hours ago
Paul PabstRT @RealSkipBayless: Not sure the Thunder can win a single game against the Warriors.7 hours ago
Paul PabstThe 96 Bulls never ever lost to the Thunder. #fact @BarstoolBigCat7 hours ago

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ARHaving a job start at 8:30a means that I don't even get a snippet of the @dpshow, here's to hoping I 1. have wifi to stream OR listen. 🙏🏻23 mins ago
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Chris Avery#Raptors have won 2 game 7's during these playoffs. #statoftheday @dpshow @andrewperloff @brooklynfritzy @PaulPabst @HiMyNameIsSeton5 hours ago
Scott MiccioI think @dpshow @PaulPabst @HiMyNameIsSeton @andrewperloff would beg to differ. hours ago