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Friday: Mike Heller guest hosts



Age: 21

Weight: 165 lbs

Biggest Athletic Accomplishment: Four time NCAA champion

Signature Move: Shoulder throw

Nickname: ”The Kid”



Age: Well over 40

Weight: Overweight (185 lbs)

Biggest Athletic Accomplishment: 1-7 record at Marian Catholic freshman wrestling

Signature Move: Bridging to avoid being pinned

Nickname: ”Mat Back” or “E-Z Pin”

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Paul PabstRT @StatueLeft: Turn to FS1 Az State Cali .... Snug late @dbill9 @PaulPabst11 hours ago
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Paul PabstFS1. Now11 hours ago
Paul PabstRT @JOEL9ONE: If there's a new guy in Baton Rogue after tonight he's gonna be like the ultimate uncool step dad. No shot.13 hours ago
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