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Wednesday: Don Mattingly, Adam Vinatieri

Brian Urlacher joined the show right after announcing his retirement.

“I thought about it for a long time,” Urlacher said. “A month ago I was ready to do it. I just wanted to give it another month. … It really wasn’t that hard a decision.”

Urlacher said he may have gotten more offers later in the offseason, but he wasn’t into it. “I didn’t want to put someone else’s jersey on to tell you the truth,” Urlacher said.

Urlacher said right after things didn’t work out with Chicago, he was angry and said some things that he doesn’t feel now.

Urlacher said he’s not sure what he’s going to do now, but he can already tell no one at home is waiting for him. Urlacher did say he’s tired of working out, and it’s a lot harder when teammates aren’t around.

Dan asked what play that an opponent made does he remember. Urlacher talked about getting juked in 2006 by Tom Brady. And Urlacher said he made a mistake by trash-talking Adrian Peterson before a game.



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