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Tuesday: Phil Mickelson, Jason Day in NYC ManCave

Memphis Grizzlies point guard Mike Conley Jr. joined the show to talk about trailing the Spurs 2-0.

Dan asked how morale was today. “Guys understand that we’re far from being out of this series,” Conley said.

Dan then asked if anything the Spurs are doing surprised them. “We expected them to play the way they did,” Conley said. “We didn’t expect us to play as poorly as we did.”

Conley said he hopes that they can hold homecourt and then find a way to steal a road game.

Conley said that Greg Oden was at a playoff game and they talked. Conley said his former teammate at Ohio State is in great shape and looking forward to next year. Conley said that he would love for Oden to come to Memphis.

“A lot of people write him off because of injuries,” Conley said. “But he’s still young (25).”



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