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New Nets coach Jason Kidd joined the show to talk about getting the gig and share his all-time team.

Dan asked Kidd how he plans to approach discipline. “I’m not a screamer or a yeller,” Kidd said. “For me, to get my point across is just to talk. Communicate straightforward. I want my guys to understand I want them to all be successful. The best former of coaching is to use that bench … substitution and you can get your point across fast.”

Dan asked if he would ever suit up in practice. “I’m not going to suit up in practice,” Kidd said. “Even if we’re shorthanded. And I’m not going to have the uniform under my suit.”

Dan also asked Kidd who he thought the best point guard of all time is. He immediately said John Stockton and followed him up with Magic Johnson.

Here is Kidd’s all-time NBA team:

PG: John Stockton
SG: Michael Jordan
SF: Scottie Pippen
PF: Tim Duncan
C: Shaquille O’Neal

Dan said “no LeBron?” Kidd said that he could play LeBron at five.




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