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FOX’s Tim McCarver joined the show to talk about the All-Star Game and more.

McCarver disagreed with Dan on Yasiel Puig. McCarver doesn’t think Puig should be in the All-Star Game.

“I didn’t think he spent enough time in the Big Leagues,” McCarver said. “Five weeks does not an All-Star make in my view. I understand the business of baseball. …. But I think Freddie Freeman was more deserving.”

McCarver actually thinks Major League Baseball loves this controversy: “I’m not sure MLB wants a solution to that problem.[They don’t want a rule] if a guy comes up after May 20, he’s not eligible. This way it keeps the controversy alive up until today. It’s fun for them. Maybe they’re right in that thinking.”

Dan asked McCarver if he thinks the PED scandals will make Pete Rose look better and get him closer to the game. McCarver said that he doesn’t think so, because betting endangers the integrity of the game.

But McCarver thinks it’s silly networks don’t show Rose footage. “Pete Rose taught me more about running the basepaths then any other player I was around,” McCarver said.

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Mike HellerSpend Black Friday (11/27) with us on the @dpshow Guest hosting again (radio only) with @JonAriasRadio #DPShow mins ago
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