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Friday: MLB Trade Deadline, DeflateGate, NFL Trade Deadline

Angels pitcher C.J. Wilson (@str8edgeracer) joined the show to talk about his season and share some inside insight into the game.

Wilson says he watched the Home Run Derby for scouting tips. He said Yoenis Cespedes wanted it down and in – so he won’t throw there.

Wilson described the feeling of getting homered off as like“a pile full of money getting lit on fire.”

Wilson commented on the Angels’ struggles this year.

“There’s still a lot of time for us to try to figure out how to play better baseball,” Wilson said. “it’s frustrating to be honest with you. I didn’t expect our team not to be good. But we’re not that good right now.”

Wilson talked about pitchers yapping at pitchers. He said that different pitchers talk to themselves or to the hitter. He doesn’t do that and if he’s friends with a guy, he won’t give them anything.

Wilson also talked about getting engaged. He said he did it the traditional way and that he already knew she was going to say yes.

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