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MLBPA executive director Michael Weiner joined the show to talk about the recent BioGenesis suspensions and his issues with the Alex Rodriguez penalty.

Weiner said that when you look at the past actions of baseball, they haven’t been consistent with A-Rod’s punishment.“Nothing comes close to 211,” Weiner said. Weiner said he does think this is becoming personal and Selig appears to be fed up with the Yankees third baseman.

“What he did we feel was inappropriate and almost ridiculous,” Weiner said.

Dan asked if Selig was taking this personally. “I think he is,” Weiner said. “.I think he’s had it with AROD and all of that has shown so far. No question 211 games will make an example of anyone.”

Weiner said that he hasn’t talked to Bud Selig, but basically the commissioner can do what he wants, but they can fight it. “Having the case going to hearing isn’t the end of the world,” Weiner said.

Dan asked if Weiner was in favor of harsher penalties, like a two-strikes and you’re out policy. “It really doesn’t matter what I think,” Weiner said. “It matters what the players think. We had our last discussion in Spring. There were a lot of players who were in favor of tougher penalties. There were a lot of players who weren’t.”

Weiner said he’s not for voiding contract and this union has never been in favor of changing terms of a contract. “You can suspend a guy, but his contract is sacred,” Weiner said.

Dan asked if he was concerned about so many Dominican players getting busted.  “It concerns us,” Weiner said. “We don’t want to see that. … But talking to players [from there] they don’t think these players are victims.”

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