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Friday: Brian Kelly

ESPN college football broadcaster Brent Musburger joined the show to talk about the college football season. He is calling Texas A&M-Missouri this weekend and had high praise for Johnny Manziel. Musburger said he originally thought Manziel wasn’t necessarily built for the NFL, but he may be changing his mind: “The more you watch him, you say “wait a minute” he’s got something a little bit special. “

Musburger also had intersting comments on his interview with Eminem. He looked back at what happened to Baylor against Oklahoma State last weekend. And he talked

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Andrew Perloff"He’s done some good things. His biggest hindrance has been his refusal to go to neutral arbitration." - @jayfeely on Roger Goodell9 mins ago
Paul PabstJay Feely told us that the NFL wants Tom Brady to publicly admit that the Wells report is accurate and Brady will not do that.15 mins ago
Seton@nu4jayhawker lmao16 mins ago
Andrew PerloffWe just had debate about nerdiest QB in NFL. Andrew Luck, Eli Manning, Russell Wilson in the running. Nerd is mostly a compliment.21 mins ago
Paul PabstQB's fit into two categories....nerds and bros. Luck is a nerd...Cutler is a bro. Mariota is a nerd....Romo is a bro.24 mins ago

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Ryan BelmoreGreat interview re: #Deflategate on @dpshow w/ @JayFeely - “They responded to something like a speeding ticket like it was a homicide case.”6 mins ago
Betty Eckhouse.@jayfeely That was the best conversation I've heard on "deflategate". Thank you for explaining it so completely. @dpshow #freetommy6 mins ago
Joe.@dpshow needz moar talk about deflated footballs imo. Oh, nevermind, they found yet ANOTHER new angle this morning I see.7 mins ago
Gail Sideman“They responded to something like a speeding ticket like it was a homicide case.” @jayfeely about Deflategate. On @dpshow8 mins ago
Aaron NaglerJust seeing this @MenInBlazers interview on @dpshow. Outstanding. Crap, obviously, but outstanding. mins ago