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Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee (@PatMcAfeeShow) joined the show to talk about the recent controversy over Bengals punter Kevin Huber being ruled a defenseless player when he got injured against the Steelers. McAfee doens’t like it.

“It kind of sets us back in the position,” McAfee said. “There’s this perception that punters and kickers aren’t athletes. … There’s a few of us trying to debunk that.”

McAfee does understand the safety concern.  “They used to say hit him under the chin, that’s where you get good leverage,” McAfee said. “Now a hit in the head … it’s dangerous and it’s not a legal hit.”

McAfee did agree with the fine on Terrence Garvin for hitting Huber. “I don’t think it was just because he was a punter,” McAfee said. “That would have been a fine on anybody, not just because he was a punter.”

McAfee explained why he and quarterback Andrew Luck sometimes try to make tackles. After they make a mistake, like a bad punt or an interception, they want to correct it immediately. “You’re looking at two angry white dudes out there sprinting around trying to make plays,” McAfee said.