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Wednesday: Latest on DeflateGate, NFL Preseason, MLB Playoff Race

Hall of Famer Magic Johnson joined the show to talk about the Lakers, his Dodgers and his place in history.

Johnson said fans are wondering what’s the plan to get Lakers back to the next level. Johnson said the plan will depend a lot on Kobe’s health and their draft pick.

Johnson said he was surprised the Lakers didn’t make more of a push for Phil Jackson. “We’ve got too many ex-Lakers working for other teams,” said Magic, noting Pat Riley, Jerry West and Phil Jackson have won elsewhere. “They should be in Los Angeles working for the Lakers. …. Phil Jackson leaving should was a sign to the Lakers, where are we going now and who’s going to lead us to the promised land?”

Dan asked if LeBron could ever catch Michael Jordan in terms of historical greatness. “If anybody could do it, he could probably end up doing it,” Johnson said. “But he’s still a long way from catching Michael Jordan.”

Johnson said that he considers himself right below Jordan in terms of legacy and he feels his record speaks for itself.

Johnson also commented on Yasiel Puig. He said he can live with the mistakes and thinks he’ll develop into a great player.

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