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New NBA commissioner Adam Silver joined the show to talk about replacing David Stern and the state of the League. Here are some of his takes …

— Silver explained why they haven’t been able to change the one-and-done rule. He said the union hasn’t had an executive director and it’s been tabled for the time being. “I think the difference between my approach and David’s is talking about the college game,” Silver said. “We think it would do a lot for the college game as well.

— Silver said he doesn’t want to go back to high schoolers playing in the NBA: “The issue for us is allowing players coming in at 18 is a step back for us. It puts us back into high school gyms in terms of scouting.”

— Silver talked about the possibility of sponsorship on uniforms. Silver: “When it comes to advertising on jerseys, it’s inevitable.”

But he doesn’t want to go as far as soccer teams: “Manchester United doesn’t even have their name on the jersey. We’re not looking to go there. What we’ve discussed is a relatively small patch, with a logo, not even their name.”

— Dan asked if Stern every yelled at him. “No,” said Silver. “He yelled at a lot of people. I witnessed it first-hand. He didn’t yell at me.”

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Dan Patrick ShowIf you missed @RowdyGaines and @ChrisMannixYS today, check out the recap mins ago
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