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Former Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson joined the show to share his perspective on the team’s decision.

Jackson weighed in with his reaction to yesterday’s events. “It was a great day,” Jackson said. “Things work out the way things are supposed to.”

But Jackson did address his frustration. “If we advance, do I still have a job?” Jackson said. “I’m not really sure. We both walked into the meeting and we were both frustrated. … Things had to change.”

Jackson said that he has no problem getting along with people. He “stays in his lane” in the sense that he reports to his boss and he only talks basketball with basketball people. “It doesn’t match a lot of things that are being said,” Jackson said. He said out of respect that he didn’t venture much into the business side, but he did everything he was asked to do in that arena.

Jackson said that if his work with the Church in LA and his family being there might have been a problem, but it wasn’t when he took the job. “It may have for them all of a sudden,” Jackson said. “It [wasn’t on] Day One.”

Jackson said there were a lot of lies out there. For example, he never barred Jerry West from a practice.

“There’s a way to do things,” Jackson said. “When people lie against you and make up stories … the evidence against it will be how you conduct yourself. … I’m going to take the high road. …. I’m not going to be disrespectful.”

Jackson noted what happened with his two assistants as an example of what was wrong and indicated a lack of transparency.






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