FIND A STATION Dan Patrick Show
Happy July 4th from entire group at Dan Patrick Show

Ohio State coach Urban Meyer joined the show to discuss his offseason and much more. Here are some of Meyer’s comments:

— Meyer said he watched highlights of the Aaron Hernandez verdict and it was “just horrible.” Meyer, who coached Hernandez at Florida, said that he told Bill Belichick to keep an eye on the talented tight end. But unfortunately, a coach can’t keep a player away from certain people in his life.

“I kept hearing about people back home,” Meyer said. “He played pro football near home. That’s kind of what happened.”

— Meyer said that Tim Tebow would have gotten more chances if it wasn’t for all the media attention. But Meyer thinks that has died down now and Tebow will get a fair chance in the NFL.

— Dan asked Meyer about reports quarterback Braxton Miller might transfer. Meyer said he doesn’t think that will happen. “I would say Braxton is staying … [according to] all indications I’m getting,” Meyer said.

— Meyer said the stadium was crazy for the Spring Game. He wasn’t sure there were any empty seats and he wanted to put on a show for them.

— Meyer is at the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl Golf Challenge and commented on his golf skills. He said he used to throw clubs around and be very intense, but he’s gotten better with that.