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Happy July 4th from entire group at Dan Patrick Show

NBC’s Bob Costas joined the show to talk about the NFL’s harsh penalty against the Patriots.

Costas talked about his Super Bowl interview with Tom Brady. He said he walked away from that interview thinking that Brady didn’t take the opportunity to deny everything. “What he said and didn’t say in that interview spoke for itself,” Costas said.

Dan asked Costas who we got here and why people are questioning the NFL: “In many of these cases, the NFL rulings have been judged as arbitrary … and even in some cases incompetent.”

Costas thinks that the League would be better served with an independent arbitrator judging in these cases.

Dan asked how this will affect his legacy. Costas said he will be an “all-time great” and “positives will carry the day.” But he said Brady will have a “demerit.” And Costas tried to put the infraction in perspective: “Common sense tells you that this was not a performance enhancing act in the same way as performance enhancing drugs,” Costas said.

Costas said if the suspension hold, we could be looking at record-breaking ratings for the Patriots’ Week 6 game against the Colts.

Dan asked who Costas would most like to interview for this story. Costas said Goodell and Brady over the equipment guys. Costas pointed out that Goodell dodged them over the last year and at the Super Bowl.