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DP and Danettes on vacation week of August 19-23

Lance Armstrong joined the show to talk about the jersey we’re hanging on the wall today and to look back at his career.

He said that he was surprised that so many of our fans were supportive of us hanging the jersey. He understands why so former fans were turned off. He was flattered we even wanted his jersey.

Armstrong explained how he got in too deep with cheating. He said so many things were going right and he was helping people, so it was hard to stop. “There was this terrible momentum I was terrified of [affecting],” Armstrong said.

Armstrong said that he rode in an era that it was hard and not to cheat. “If you didn’t gear up, it was going to be hard to stick around,” Armstrong said.

Dan proposed to Armstrong, why don’t we legalize some of these PEDs in racing. “I think the New York Times would light the building on fire,” said Armstrong, of why authorities can’t do that.

Dan asked what he was going to do today. Armstrong said during the school year he is “an Uber driver” for his kids.



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