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Kentucky coach John Calipari joined the show to talk about his team and much more.

Calipari discussed how many pros come out of his program. He said that all the talent in the program never hurt any of the individuals’ draft stock.

Dan asked if he would have gone farther if he was 7-deep instead of 10-deep. Calipari said he didn’t know. “We almost won 40 games and we were given a tough path in the NCAA,” Calipari said. “We won 38 straight games. No one ever has done what we did.”

Calipari commented on his friend LeBron James reaching the Finals. “He’s loving that it’s on his shoulders,” Calipari said.

He commented on the proliferation of the three-point shot in the NBA. He said basically the top five teams in the NBA were in the top five in threes. He said you have to defend as well, however.