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Friday: Paul Azinger

Guest Page: Chris Mannix

Sports writer and reporter

Chris Mannix is a sports writer, reporter, and radio host for Sports Illustrated, Epix and NBC Sports. For Sports Illustrated, Mannix’s specialties are the NBA and boxing, for which he writes columns on both. He also creates weekly team rankings of the NBA for SI. At NBC Sports, Mannix serves as ringside reporter for Fight Night, insider of the NBA and boxing for NBC SportsTalk, and host of The Chris Mannix Show on NBC Sports Radio. Mannix also provides analysis and reporting for Epix’s boxing coverage. In the past, he has been a substitute host of The Dan Patrick Show and WEEI.

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Seton @HiMyNameIsSetonI guess that twitter break didn’t last long 😂🤣 classic hours ago
Seton @HiMyNameIsSetonAh yes, the beginning of “the Bernie Bros drove me off Twitter” spin lol hours ago
Andrew Perloff @andrewperloff@FeitsBarstool Great point. Maybe when all the new streaming services come out it will gain more traction.13 hours ago
Andrew Perloff @andrewperloff@FeitsBarstool Really? Isn’t it considered one of the greatest sitcoms of all time? If not, that’s crazy.13 hours ago