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Monday: Brian Griese

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Paul Pabst @PaulPabst@AndrewBrandt Hey man, ease up on the balanced, well-thought out posts. Not on my watch pal.12 mins ago
Seton @HiMyNameIsSeton@Indy_Irish @SC_Cuban_B @dpshow this thread was a response to me giving my opinion on the show. you two having an a… hour ago
Seton @HiMyNameIsSeton@Indy_Irish @SC_Cuban_B @dpshow can you guys take me off this and have the conversation between the two of you? thanks1 hour ago
Andrew Perloff @andrewperloffPatriots win to go 9-1 and people are acting like they lost by 2 touchdowns. How would we react now to last season… hours ago
Dan Patrick Show @dpshowRT @andrewperloff: "I wouldn't have started Tua Tagovailoa. They didn't need Tua to win the game." - Brian Griese on @dpshow2 hours ago